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The mission of the EIS PTA is to: 
- Help our school to create and nurture the rich learning environment in which our children grow. 
- Welcome new families and promote a spirit of community by offering assistance, information, and friendship. 
- Encourage parental support and participation to enrich the educational experiences of our children. 
- Help promote the propagation and implementation of the school mission and vision.
- Support various programs within the school. 


- The PTA is a voluntary organisation. - All parents with currently enrolled students at EIS and all EIS faculty and staff are automatically members of the PTA. 


Regularly scheduled PTA meetings are as follows: 
- PTA General Meetings set in advance and published in the school calendar on the EIS website.  No activity will be planned to conflict with regularly scheduled PTA meetings. 
- Meetings set once in every three months  (or more if necessary) 
- For efficiency, all meetings will be closed-door meetings for PTA Members only. Non-members may attend the meetings and/or ask to be put on the agenda with prior approval of the Secretary or President. Non-members will be present for their report only. 


- PTA members must submit all communications to the PTA Secretary for review and approval. When submitting the communication please indicate any deadlines for distribution. 
- A finalised document is to be submitted. The PTA Secretary is not responsible for creating the product to be distributed (ex: colours, pictures, wording, etc.). - Once approved, the PTA Secretary will distribute the finalised document to the EIS Community and post on the PTA bulletin board. 


The person who accepts a position signifies a desire to work toward the PTA mission and to serve the EIS community. 

PTA members will: 

- Learn all they can about the school. 
- Recognise the importance of cooperation in achieving PTA goals. 
- Recognise the importance of pooling ideas and encourage full discussion and participation before decisions are made. 
- Appreciate and respect the opinions of other members. 
- Attend general PTA Meetings to report activities. The President and Secretary will be notified of any planned absences. 
- Be a representative at School Governing Board meetings. 
- Any issues presented by the PTA representative at the School Governing Board meeting should be earlier approved by the PTA President. In cases of conflict of opinion, PTA President reserves the right to decide which topics will be considered for discussion. 




- Leads and guides the PTA, ensuring the implementation of plans and goals set by the Association. 
- Leads and facilitate all meetings of the PTA. 
- Maintains order throughout the meetings. 
- Serves as the primary contact for the EIS management. 
- Be the principal interface with parents. 
- Performs other duties as necessary. 


- Assists the President and carry out the President’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve. 
- Oversees the PTA supply to coordinate purchase, storage, and distribution of items used by events and teams (e.g. paper products), dispose of unused items, and manage the use of PTA-owned items. 
- Plans, promotes and executes any approved activities within the school year.
- Works with the Level Co-ordinators/Teachers to help with the needs of the school. 
- Be responsible for facilitating an orientation at the beginning of the school year 


- Prepares the agenda for association meetings and the general PTA Meetings. 
- Takes minutes of the association and General PTA Meetings and post approved minutes 
from the General Meetings to the PTA page of the EIS website and to the PTA bulletin board. 
- Provides printed copies of the minutes to the PTA files and maintains the PTA files
- Keeps all records of the organisation 
- Brings necessary supplies to the meetings. 


- Be responsible for disseminating information to the school community. 
- Coordinate with the rest of the association members on the schedule of activities and promotions. 
- Present a plan of action to the association prior to the event. 
- File a final report with the association members the month following the event/project completion as to its dissemination. 
- Suggest dates for holding the event the subsequent calendar year. 
- Coordinate welcome event that takes place on a Sunday in September at EIS, which is an opportunity for parents and children to get together socially at the beginning of the school year. 
The PTA is in place for one school year: September– May. 
- Members are appointed by the Chief Executive Officer
- The month of May will be a transition period with both current and newly appointed PTA members working together. 
- If a PTA officer or member must leave the school prior to the end of the term, the other members automatically take over the duties until the next appointment. 
- At the September General PTA Meeting all members will be introduced and allowed the opportunity to address the audience. 
- Update policy manual and turn over to the succeeding President promptly to ensure a smooth turnover.