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Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE)

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Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE)

We are a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education, the only exam board wholly owned by a world-leading university, the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge International qualifications prepare students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. They are recognised by universities and employers around the world.

The Cambridge Pathway gives students a clear path for educational success. We shape its curriculum around how our students learn – with a wide range of subjects and flexible ways to offer them. The Cambridge Pathway helps students discover new abilities and a wider world, and gives them the skills they need for life, so they can achieve at school, university and work.

We offer Cambridge International programmes and qualifications through a Cambridge Associate.

To find out more about Cambridge International Examinations visit www.cie.org.uk


Pearson Examinations

Pearson’s leading qualification brand, Edexcel has been helping people succeed in life through learning for nearly 20 years.

Pearson Edexcel has set the standard for worldwide recognised qualifications, built on the UK educational system and accepted by universities worldwide, for more than 150 years.

Edexcel’s world-class academic and general qualifications include GCSEs,A levels, International GCSEs, as well as some vocational qualifications, including and Functional Skills.

Our qualifications combine a progressive approach with international content, allowing learners to achieve their full potential in today’s global economy.

To find out more about Pearson International Examinations visit qualifications.pearson.com


OxfordAQA International Examinations

When you choose OxfordAQA qualifications, you ensure that your students can achieve their full potential.

OxfordAQA qualifications are rigorous and research-based. Over 1,000 teachers, subject matter experts and university academics were involved in the development of the UK specifications and specimen resources that our international qualifications are based on.

That’s why the development process takes over a year involving 15 development stages and 5 consultative checks.

It means when you choose OxfordAQA, you can be sure your qualifications are both robust and enjoyable to teach.

The exam papers follow the same level of quality assurance as our specifications, from the development of the original UK question papers, to their international versions. We engage with a huge team of experts to ensure they are valid, reliable and appropriate for various student abilities.

We are meticulous about evaluating our content so it is appropriate for non-native English speakers living outside the UK. Our goal is to create qualifications that are relevant for your students, allowing them to succeed fairly and solely on the basis of their subject knowledge.


To find out more about OxfordAQA International Examinations visit www.oxfordaqaexams.org.uk